Why this treatment?

Because Alicia is seriously ill and we want nothing more than to make sure she heals. And then indeed there seems to be good hope for (almost) complete recovery. What we could find, we have read about that relatively new treatment in Germany that is done at the clinic 'Infusio'. There is a total treatment done by the doctors, of which stem cell therapy is a part. This treatment tackles the source, instead of fighting the symptoms.

Symptom control


In the Netherlands, most treatments for Lyme disease focus on symptom management. For example, an antibiotic treatment has a positive effect for most patients in the short term, but except for the first stage it will not cure the disease. The cause of all symptoms remains and can become active again at any time.


Restoring the immune system


This relatively new treatment focuses on the cause: a broken immune system. The treatment focuses on restoring the immune system. After all, a healthy immune system is the best way to ensure that bad bacteria and parasites are removed from the body.

Alicia's immune system is now seriously weakened and hardly functions anymore. If Alicia does not receive appropriate treatment, the bacteria will continue to destroy her body - until it takes life-threatening forms. Unfortunately, many Lyme patients do not wait for that moment and choose not to want to live anymore because of their hopeless situation. That danger also threatens Alicia.

A success rate of 85%

The success rate of this treatment is 85%. Approximately 10% of the patients do not heal completely, but they do recover considerably. As a result, this group of patients can also function 'much' better and 'largely' picks up their normal life again. No data is available for the remaining 5% as there is no feedback after the treatment; in this group, the results can therefore be both positive and negative.


Alicia would like to undergo this treatment as a last resort, since that gives a 95% chance of a better life. She wants to go for the full 100% for that. Of course we are behind her all the way and will do everything we can to give Alicia her normal life back. Will you please help us?


An integral approach


The treatment has an integrated approach, which focuses on various important body processes. The approach is divided into five parts:

1. The immune system in balance (Immune Modulation)

A well-functioning immune system is the basis for being healthy. The focus of 'Immune Modulation' is on getting the immune system in balance, so that this system works as it should again.

2. Minerals and vitamins (Substition)

Every patient is prescribed orthomolecular medication. The dosage is adjusted to his or her specific situation. These medicines contain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are no longer sufficient available in most chronically ill patients. The administration of the vitamins and minerals often has a direct positive effect on the immune system and the metabolism.

3. Detoxification

For optimal results of treatment, the patient's body should be free of toxins as much as possible. This part also means detoxification, or remove the toxins as much as possible from the body.

4. Disease-specific treatment

Treatment at Infusio applies to multiple chronic diseases, including Lyme. Part of the treatment is applicable to all patients, although the treatment is always adapted to the personal situation of the patient. The "general part" is supplemented with treatments that focus specifically on the disease in question, such as chronic Lyme disease.

5. Course for mind & body (Mind-body Medicine)

In addition to the physical complaints and their treatment, there is also a lot of attention for the mental part of being ill. Patients learn how to deal with stress and how best to organize their lifestyle.

Stam cel therapy


An important part of the treatment is stem cell therapy, in which healthy cells (Stam cells) of the patient are used to repair and / or replace other, damaged biological structures in the body. There are a number of ways to harvest stem cells. From blood (Blood stem cells), from adipose tissue (Adipose tissue stem cells) and from bone marrow (Bone marrow stem cells). For Lyme patients the blood and bone marrow stem cells give the best results. The stem cells are harvested from the Lyme patient himself. After a specific treatment, these are returned to the patient via an infusion.

​The origin of Infusio

The 'Infusio' clinic was founded about seven years ago by doctor Phil Batiade. He was the first to start using stem cells to cure Lyme disease. The period is still too short to provide scientific evidence for the long-term effects. However, the results in the short and medium term are promising. Would you like to know more about the philosophy of Phil Batiade (founder of Infusio) and this new treatment? In the video below he explains this himself perfectly! You can also take a look at www.infusio.org for more information about Lyme disease and its treatment. For an indication of the costs for this treatment click here.

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