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Only 44 kilos our 23-year-old daughter Alicia Kellner weighs. Since 2009 she has chronic Lyme disease, with all kinds of symptoms having fully developed. Alicia needs permanent care now; if she does not get the right medical treatment right now, this disease can soon be fatal.


We can not miss Alicia for a long time - and we do not have to, if ...


Despite her debilitating disease process, Alicia has always remained very positive. She kept believing that she would get better. Nevertheless, Alicia indicated in October 2017 that she does not want to live in this way. We were shocked by this; it hurt us as parents to hear this. At the same time, we understand Alicia too well. It is not easy to repeatedly start yet another treatment the past 8 years, based on yet another wrong diagnosis, that ultimately does not work.


Of course we do not want to miss Alicia for a long time. That's why we want to do everything we can to make 'Alicia's Last Hope' possible: that one life-saving treatment. Even if that means that we have to ask others for help in this way, because we can not do it alone.


Since mid-2017 we know that there is a new treatment for Lyme disease that is being done amongst others in the 'Infusio' clinic in Germany. Lyme disease is treated from a different perspective. This clinic only exists for 7 years, but the results of the treatments are excellent: 85% of the patients heal, 10% can largely lead the life again they were once used to.

This treatment is therefore rightfully Alicia's last hope! And also ours. Under the heading 'Treatment' you can read a lot more about this clinic and their treatment. Here we want to state that the results of this treatment are promising.​

We are looking for people who want to contribute to Alicia's healing


Alicia's disease has ruined us in several ways over the last 8 years: physically, emotionally, socially and financially. Due to all the costs of previous treatments, which are not covered by health insurance, our financial resources are now completely exhausted. Out of love for our daughter we did everything within our possibilities to make her better again. Unfortunately, to date, this has not yet yielded the desired result. In fact, the health of Alicia has deteriorated many times. She can now hardly do anything anymore and is in bed all day.

We are desperate and forced to appeal to you. We ask you for a financial contribution so that Alicia can get her life back and do all those things that are obvious to most people!


To fund this lifesaving treatment and all additional costs we have established the foundation 'Alicia's Last Hope'. We hope to get the necessary money together through fundraising. The treatment that Alicia can give back her life costs money. Lots of money. Only the treatment in the Infusio clinic costs € 30,000. In addition, there will be at least € 5,000 in expenses that have to be paid.

We are grateful to all the people who are already helping us to realize such things as this website, so that we can reach as many people as possible with our request. Because ...

Alicia could be treated already in March 2018


We have the opportunity to have Alicia treated in March 2018, provided that we have the financial means to pay for this treatment at that time.

Hence this call to you: are you helping us to pay for Alicia's Last Hope?

Every contribution you can miss is a step in the right direction, on the way to a new life for Alicia. That's why we want to ask you if you want to share this website with family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues ... anyone you think he or she might be willing to contribute to. On our news page we will keep you informed of the progress.

Will you help us to get Alicia healthy again?


We would like to thank you for your contribution and support, however large or small. With your help, we can still give Alicia what we can not offer her now: a 95% chance of full or partial recovery, so that she can look at the future with confidence. And we with her. An opportunity to once again live a life that is worth living.


Thank you very much,

The parents of Alicia,

Patrick & Carolien Kellner


We also wrote this message on behalf of all the other people who, with so much love and support, helped Alicia and us. They hope with us that we will be able to say in March: We have succeeded, Alicia gets the help she needs to heal after all.

Would you like to help Alicia get her life back and make a donation click here?